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Rainbow Wings One Loft Race
Final race – 510 km – 5th of August 2016
Mega Derby – 600 km – 23rd of September 2016
12 races – 3.200 km
2 races – over 500 km each
Mega Derby Prize – a Dacia Logan car
2016 racing schedule
1. 1st of July – 100 km
2. 8th of July – 150 km
3. 15th of July – 200 km
4. 22nd of July – 390 km (Semifinal race)
5. 29th of July – 100 km
6. 5th of August – 500 km (Final race)
7. 20th of August – 160 km
8. 3rd of September – 220 km
9. 10th of September – 340 km
10. 17th of September – 220 km
11. 23rd of September – 600 km (Mega Derby race)
Money Prizes
Final race
1st. 6.000 EUR
2nd. 2.000 EUR
3rd. 1.000 EUR
4th. 500 EUR
5th. 400 EUR
6th – 10th. 300 EUR
11th – 15th. 100 EUR
16th – 30th. 2 entered pigeons for free in 2017
Semifinal race
1st. 300 EUR
2nd. 200 EUR
3rd. 100 EUR
4th – 10th. 2 entered pigeons for free in 2017
Ace pigeon
1st. 500 EUR
2nd. 300 EUR
3rd. 200 EUR
Mega Derby prize – a Dacia Logan car
These money prizes are guaranteed for 380 – 420 activated pigeons.

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Organization & Presentation
Pigeons shall be entered between 15th of March and 15th of May 2016.
It is best advised for the pigeons to be vaccinated against paramixo and to also have pedigrees and ring certificates.
ENTRY FEE – 25 EUR for one pigeon
As following:
– for 3 entered pigeons – 1 is for free
– for 5 entered pigeons – 2 are for free
– for 10 entered pigeons – 5 are for free
Pigeons shall be activated for 50 EUR right before the first Hot Spot race (100 km).
All the returned pigeons from the Final Race shall be auctioned.

The final price of each auctioned pigeon shall be divided as follows: 20% shall go to the auctions website, and the
rest shall be equally split – 50% shall go to the pigeon owner, 50% shall go to the one loft race organizers.
Pigeons that will not receive any bid can be bought by their owner for 25 EUR each, within 10 days after the
auction closure.

The first 15 returned pigeons form the Final Race shall make the object of a public auction.
Money prizes shall fluctuate depending on the number of activated pigeons.

Andrei Bondar


Pasionat 100% de porumbei. Am inceput sa am porumbei de la varsta de 11 ani. Incepand cu anul 2011 mi-am schimbat complet directia in ceea ce priveste cresterea porumbeilor, trecand de la porumbeii de agrement (ornament) la porumbeii voiajori. Sportul columbofil cu porumbei voiajori mi se pare cel mai complet, porumbeii voiajori mi-au dat mult mai multe satisfactii decat au reusit porumbeii de agrement in toti acesti ani.

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